Jody helps care for her sister Yvette who suffers from sensory issues and hypermobility . Jody’s sister is partially deaf and has limited speech and communicates with signing.

Mum is the main care giver for Yvette as dad works full time 6 days a week. Jody like’s to be involved and is a very caring child who likes to get involved and help with Yvette. This not because she is asked to do this but takes it upon herself to do things for her sister when she sees that that they need doing. Mum works part time as a midday supervisor which she feels is her respite and whilst she is there Yvette will be looked after by grandmother or Yvette’s godmother.

Jody helps Yvette when she is distressed and often Yvette looks for Jody when she is not there, Jody will play and help Yvette giving mum time to sort other things out. Jody is very sensitive and worries about Yvette. Jody has started to learn sign language so that she can help Yvette communicate what she needs




·         Jody to feel supported

·         Jody to have more opportunities to socialise as Jody is very shy and quiet at times

·         Jody helps a lot with her sister however a lot of the support is provided because Jody wants to help not because she has to however at times Yvette requests for Jody which means that Jody stops to ensure that Yvette doesn’t become too distressed.

·         1to1 sessions in school and looking at areas where school can provide further support

·         To be involved in young carers activities and the chance to meet other young carers



Jody came along to our Zoo activity during the Easter break along with her parents and young sister. She was very reserved and quiet initially. Mum and dad used the opportunity to have a family day out too. Jody went around with young carers initially and went back to her family at lunch time for a short while.

Jody’s sister became poorly during the day out and the family had to return home early. I spoke to Jody who seemed to be enjoying the day so much that she wanted to stay with the group where we had a few things left to see and also wanted a visit to the gift shop. We were fortunate to have enough staff to provide Jody with transport home. Mum was happy for us to drop Jody off as it meant that Jody could carry on and enjoy the day. Yvette often gets ill so when they are out as a family in this instance they would all have to return home early. Mum was very appreciative that Jody could continue with the activity and enjoy the rest of her day.

Jody was so relaxed and having fun it was lovely to see that she felt comfortable in staying after her parents had left especially as she is only 9 years of age. I saw Jody grow in confidence and start to come out of her shell and show us the true Jody who was happy and very talkative. I feel that this activity also enabled myself to see Jody in a different light which enables me to support and encourage her more in our 1to1 session in school.

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