Chloe is 7 years old and helps her single mum care for her brothers. One of the brothers is a foster brother who has a variety of conditions as does her older brother.

Life at home can be intense and Chloe has to provide lots of emotional support.

Chloe and her foster brother are in the same class at school, and although school are very good at ensuring they are in separate groups in class and he has one to one support, she gets little respite from him. She will go and check he is okay at break times.

The family are offered one weekend a month of respite for her foster brother, Chloe and her brother’s dad has recently got in touch so he takes her older brother out more frequently too.

Chloe’s caring is more emotional than physical support and mum ensures she does as little as she can but ultimately Chloe has to step in at times to help calm her brothers, play with them, and her life is very much centered around their needs.

Mum tries to ensure that Chloe is given respite and accesses local groups, but her brothers also attend two of groups.


DCA contacted Chloe’s school to arrange to see her in school for one to one support- focusing on her life as a young carer, feelings, anger.

Referred to Befriending service at Young Carers- respite and to meet other young carers to reduce her emotional isolation.


The one-to-one sessions were successful in supporting Chloe with strategies for managing her emotions and understanding her role within the family.

Befriending supported Chloe and her mum to find and access activities in their local area, giving them some time together and making sure Chloe felt she had time with her mum.

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