Jill is caring for her mum who has complex arthritis and care needs throughout the day and night time. No social care is involved at this time Jill is living in the same home has given up full time work to care and only works a few hours on a zero hour contracted basis.

Jill has some struggle with anxiety and depression and has limited access to the wider world often due to the wellness of her mum. She is happy to do the care for her mum though recognises that this has changed with her mum’s poorer mobility.

This has meant they are not as able to go out as often to socialise or enjoy things as previously.

Working zero hours contract has benefits for accepting work at times when her mum is well enough to be left, the down side is that her earning is limited. Jill’s hobbies and interests are dependent upon mum being well enough to be left. She is reliant upon public transport to access wider world so going out takes longer than she would like.

Jill has no other family members nearby to give support or respite, and she expressed a need for some intervention of care or sitting service support for her mum.

Jill wanted a Personal Budget to attend singing lessons to build the voice and promote experience and confidence with singing. This hobby enhances her wellbeing and helps with managing complete escape from the caring role.



1. A request for Personal Budget award for Jill to support wellbeing and mental health with singing lessons.

2. Jill identified that mum was now worsening in condition with mobility. A referral was made to DWP home visiting team to come to the house to offer support at home with access to the higher rate Attendance Allowance.

3. A referral to Social care to look at support for sitting service and pendant call alarm was also made.



In Jills own words

“I received a cheque this morning, which will ensure that I can undertake my course of singing workshops in the autumn and, also, consolidate these with further individual singing and coaching sessions, as well. Also, thank you for suggesting that we might be eligible for the Higher Rate of Attendance Allowance and for arranging for the DWP Visiting Team to come and help us with the application. As you know, the application was successful and we are now in receipt of this, as needs during the night have increased.”

Outstanding Telecare referral is still in process for call alarm.



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