Jenny has early onset dementia, heart problems and diabetes. She cares for her young adult son, John who has Autism and L/D. She also cares for a teenage son, Michael who has Autism. Because of Covid 19 John has had no intervention other than going shopping with his mother. They used to go to the cinema and he also played pool once a week. John is obsessed with his Xbox and this is his main topic of conversation. He is feeling lonely and isolated – he talks to people on social media who soon become bored with him as he has limited conversation. He sees his other brothers with girlfriends and wishes he had someone other than his mother. Jenny sometimes finds it difficult to sleep as she is at a loss about what to do for him.

Jenny is supported by her adult children but was feeling very low as her main concern is finding some support for John to help him socialise and meet other people and his long term happiness.



Jenny was able to talk openly about her concerns. It transpired she has never asked for help and has navigated her own way through schooling and social intervention for her son. We discussed a referral to Adult Social Care and possible Direct Payment route, but it was decided that this may best done when more services were available.

Jenny was signposted to Citizens Advice for support with her PIP appeal. She has also been given links for Derbyshire Autism Services, (DAS) /Derbyshire Council Disability and Support Services and Community Connectors and a list of other local services, with hopes of finding some online activities for John to do.

Jenny was also helped to apply for a Carers Emergency Card and a Personal Budget so at some point this year Jenny can have a short break with her daughter.


Outcomes Achieved

Jenny was really pleased with the Community Connectors who gave her a list of activities they hope to resume in the near future. She discussed these with John and he is now on a waiting list for various activities. Even though they have not had success as yet in finding anything for immediate availability, (Jenny has still to make enquiries to some services) they were both very hopeful and John has now got something to look forward to.

Jenny said she would not have found all the services herself as she has so much to do and it is so time consuming. She was grateful for the support during the assessment and is glad to have some options to explore.

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