Jean cares for her husband who suffers with Alzheimer’s.

As lockdown has continued Jean reported that her husband is undertaking less and less ( putting more on Jean), he was becoming harder to entertain and providing necessary support was becoming increasingly difficult as family not able to visit and take pressure off Jean for a short time.

Another added pressure is that her husband is not able to get stimulation from the day centre and other activities which has been paramount to her husband’s overall  wellbeing and ability to function to his maximum potential. 

Jean reported she felt everything was all left to her which was becoming progressively arduous as restrictions continued and starting to impact on her own mental wellbeing.




1: 3 support calls were arranged – 2 have been completed

2: Jean was signposted to the Alzheimer’s Society to get help

An in-depth discussion took place in terms of potential coping strategies and activities for her husband intervention 3 was mutually agreed.

3: Information sent via email on:

 -Activities for Older Adults during COVID 19 – a guide to online resources for those providing care for people with dementia,

-A resource pack for carers Caring for someone with dementia at home,

-Supporting carers and care staff to understand and respond to changes in behaviour in people with dementia during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

4: Jean was signposted to Silverline - the free confidential helpline providing information. friendship and advice to older people anytime.


Outcomes Achieved

During the 2nd support call Jean reported she had read the information and found the reminisce activities relating to sport particularly useful for her husband and information useful in general in trying to support her husband and just as important taking care of her own wellbeing throughout this time.


Jean has reported the support call was like a life line whilst in lockdown, just knowing there was someone she was able to contact if needed and resting in the knowledge she would receive a call has been meaningful and significant towards her own mental wellbeing. 

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