Megan (fourty) cares for her seventy four year old mother Rose.

Megan has to deal with her own mental and physical health problems including severe anxiety and depression and asthma.

Rose suffers from Meniere’s disease, osteoarthritis, poor mobility and underlying schizophrenic issues.

Megan really struggles to communicate with people and has regular anxiety attacks. This can prove difficult whilst out and about completing normal tasks like shopping for her mother, all the while worrying about her mother who is home alone.

Megan is exhausted at times and feels she deserves a life of her own. This leads to feelings of guilt leading onto more anxiety and depressive episodes.


Interventions / outcome

DCA Support Worker had a lengthy discussion about Megan and Rose’s physical and mental health issues and the challenges involved with the management of these. The offer of reassurance through one to one discussions with DCA support worker whenever needed (which allows the Megan to get things off her chest and to release some of the stresses that may be building up) has given Megan hope.

Megan is currently using Derbyshire Carers Association Befriending service which she stated has been such a fantastic support to them on a weekly basis. Megan looks forward to talking to someone on the phone which makes her feel less anxious. She has also been made aware and signposted to various counselling and local support routes available. Rose has been signposted to sit in services that are available and also applied for a DCC Emergency card which offers in itself a certain level of security around their caring role.

Positive work with DCA Befriending service is giving the Megan the confidence to seek other counselling avenues. Rose feels safe knowing that someone like DCA is on the other end of the phone looking out for them.

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