Clara was referred to Derbyshire Carers Association in December 2018 as she was feeling overwhelmed by her caring role.

Clara’s son Rory had an accident when he was a teenager, resulting in a severe head injury, sustaining life changing injuries and being confined to a wheelchair. Rory has been totally dependent on his parents who have provided all necessary support since the accident and put their own lives on hold to be able to provide care to their son.

More recently Clara and her husband Bill were experiencing their own physical health issues including stoma, arthritis, a knee replacement, kidney injury, diabetes and mobility issues which have impacted on them being able to provide necessary support to Rory. Because of this they had to source the support of carers which has made them feel guilty about not being able to care for their son like they used to.

Another issue Clara reported was their garden which was needing some attention.

Clara and Bill talked about how they used to love spending time in their garden relaxing, however due to a combination of providing necessary care to Rory and their own health issues they found themselves in a position where they couldn’t take care of the garden as they used to which impacted on their wellbeing.

Things We Did

Joint Carer’s Assessment completed for Clara and Bill resulting in:

1. They received a Personal budget which has enabled Clara to be able to go out for a coffee with her friend and to pay for taxis. It has also allowed Bill to purchase a new tablet which has enabled him to stay connected to the internet. This is paramount to his wellbeing for the times when he is unable to leave home due to providing necessary care to his son and his own health issues.

2. DCA providing emotional support with the aims of trying to help them come to terms with the fact they are unable to look after their son as they used to and for when they maybe unable to look after him in the future.

3. A referral to the Local Borough Council Garden Assistance Programme: Clara was given support to complete relevant forms, obtain the identification and other requirement and ensure all the necessary information got to the relevant section of the Council.

How It Helped:

• Clara is now enrolled on the garden assistance programme therefore her garden and hedges are maintained on a regular basis which has had a positive impact on the whole family (due to meeting the criteria she receives this for free).

• Clara goes out for coffee with her friend and Bill is now able to stay connected to the internet which has also a positive impact on his wellbeing.

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