Volunteers Week 2022: Reverend Bruce Explains How Helping Others Makes an Impact

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''I have been part of the DCA Telephone Befrienders network for a few years now and I’ve found one of the joys is sharing conversations, building relationships and offering a supportive, listening ear, to all our wonderful carers.  For some this may be the only regular contact they receive, a true lifeline. I’m also aware how isolated some people can feel and this includes spiritual isolation and that’s where I might be of some help, as I’m also an Anglican Priest.''


''So, after a conversation with the DCA, I thought I would offer myself as a point of contact for prayers or conversations for anyone within the network.''


''I can be contacted via email in revbruce18@gmail.com, and will try to come back to you as soon as possible. Please remember I am always praying for all the wonderful work that DCA and its Carers and the Befrienders network undertake, so you are never alone.''


''Blessings and Prayers''


''Rev Bruce''


If you're interested in volunteering for Derbyshire carers Association, more information can be found on here - https://derbyshirecarers.co.uk/befriending-services

Similarly, you can contact us directly by calling 01773833833 or emailing info@derbyshirecarers.co.uk