MP supports successful carer project

CHESTERFIELD MP Toby Perkins was invited to the Derbyshire Carers Association West Bars Carers Centre to celebrate the achievements of its successful Carer Liaison Project.

A year ago the MP called on GPs to register anyone who takes on a significant care role for a member of their family. Since then, the project has identified 500 new Carers, engaged with 60 Carers’ champions and made vital strategic links within health settings to encourage carer focus and referrals.

On the 28th June Mr Perkins met with staff and volunteers to celebrate. He heard from the Carer Centre’s staff and volunteers about pressures many Carers face and their concern that people are struggling to cope alone.

In Derbyshire there are over 110,000 people who take on full-time care responsibilities, and 7,500 are registered as Carers with us.

Helen Weston, Team Leader for the project, said: “There are many people across Derbyshire who take on a caring role often without advice about benefits, respite care or help. We find that many Carers find out about us later when their lives have reached crisis point and they have been pushed into a state of ill health themselves. This project has helped identify Carers at an early point in their caring journey.

Ms Weston added: “It’s vital to get recognition for Carers as partners in the delivery of care.
Derbyshire Carers Centre three year initiative, the Teaming Up for Transition project, has connected people who suddenly find themselves with care responsibilities, with support and advocacy groups.

Toby Perkins MP said: “I commend Derbyshire Carers Centre for their success trailblazing this fantastic initiative.
The Team can be reached on *01246 222373 ext 3 or email;