Learning Disability April 2021 Update

Getting back to ‘normal’ life is a priority for our family members with learning disabilities

Towards the end of 2020, DCC issued an invitation to family carers of people with learning disability to join a new group that was being formed this year. This group became the ‘Better Lives – Learning Disability Carers Advisory and Planning Group’ and have now met on several occasions with senior members of the Adult Care Team within Derbyshire County Council. This group of family carers in very well attended and was formed as part of an initiative between Peter Dawson of Derbyshire Carers Association and Jude Boyle, the Carers Commissioner from Derbyshire County Council.

The aim of the group is to have an open and honest dialogue in which views can be shared and valued and plans put in place which benefit people with learning disabilities and their carers.

Carers in the group feel strongly that now we have a “road map” for the country to get back to some sort of normality - people who have learning disabilities should be able to get back to normal too. In other words, resume the things they enjoy doing, and need to do, to keep their lives full of enjoyment and purpose. For some, this is going back to the day centres they attended before lockdown and resuming their activities and friendships there. For others, it maybe other forms of comfort and communication. Whatever it might be, breaking out of the tunnel that has been lockdown and getting going again is the priority now.

The carer members of the ‘’Better Lives – Learning Disability Carers Advisory and Planning Group’ would like the views, opinions and back-up of other carers across the county with regard to what needs to happen next.

If you are a learning disability carer and have a view, opinion or idea that you wish to share, please contact our Learning Disability Liaison Worker, Peter Dawson.

Email: peter.dawson@derbyshirecarers.co.uk

Phone : 01773 833 833