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  • Carers Story

    Carers Story

    Mrs J came to our head office in a very emotional and upset state. She was really struggling with her current caring responsibilities and was desperate for help.

    Mrs J is a carer for her mum who was in hospital at the time she came to see us.

    Mrs J explained her current situation to one of our Care Support Workers, one of the main concerns she raised was the impact of her caring responsibilities on her emotional wellbeing.

    Discussions took place about the importance of Mrs J taking care of her own needs and putting realistic boundaries in place to protect and promote her own wellbeing and enabling her to be able to continue caring.

    A Carers Assessment was completed for Mrs J, as a result of the assessment the following occurred:-

    - Mrs J was signposted to Ready call ‘home from hospital service’ for support when her mum returns from hospital

    - Mrs J was signposted to local talking therapies (Talking Mental Health Derbyshire and Trent Psychological Therapies Service) to address her own emotional well-being

    - Mrs J was also provided with other useful information including: Derbyshire County Council’s Guide to Adult Care, Time Swap Service and Handy Van network

    - We also identified that Mrs J would be eligible for a Personal budget which was requested to enable Mrs J to purchase yoga sessions for stress relief and anxiety reduction.

    Mrs J sent a text message to our Care Support Worker once her mum had come out of hospital. She informed us that a reablement package was put in place on her mum’s discharge from hospital.

    Mrs J was awarded a personal budget for the Yoga sessions. A key safe and personal alarm was installed.

    Mrs J is now feeling positive and more able to cope, and is putting realistic boundaries in place to protect and promote her own emotional wellbeing and to enable her to continue in her caring role.

    Mrs J said that having someone who understood really helped and it gave her the strength to cope and continue.

  • First Aid Training in Ripley

    First Aid Training in Ripley

    Reminder we have a First Aid training for Carers in Ripley next week.

    Tuesday 1st May 10.30am to 1pm

    Fields terrace community centre, Fields terrace, off slack lane, Ripley, DE5 3HL

    The course delivered by Paramedical First Aid Training will cover:

    Safety ● Recovery Position
    Choking ● CPR ● Wounds
    Assessing for breathing

    To book your place on this FREE course contact Jo on:* 01773 833833*

  • Driving safer for longer

    Driving safer for longer

    Older motorists in Derbyshire are invited to take advantage of training sessions aimed at keeping them safer for longer behind the wheel.

    Derbyshire County County are offering free Driving Safer for Longer classroom-based information sessions which offer those aged 65 plus the chance to update their knowledge.

    Places are still available at the following sessions:

    • Monday 14 May, between 10am and 11.30am, at Ilkeston Library
    • Thursday 14 June, between 11am and 12.30pm, at Buxton Fire Station
    • Tuesday 26 June, between 10.30am and 12pm, at Staveley Fire Station.

    To book a place, just provide your personal details and preferred training date, by email: or tel: 01629 538060.

  • Pop-up coffee mornings for Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability

    Pop-up coffee mornings for Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability

    Derbyshire Carers Association and No Limits have come together to organise a series of pop-up coffee mornings for Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability.

    Hasland Village Hall, Eastwood Park, Hasland Road, Chesterfield, S41 0AY – Tuesday 5th June 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

    Shirebrook Leisure Centre, Park Road, Shirebrook, N20 8JQ – Tuesday 24th July 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

    Bainbridge Hall, Carr Vale Road, Bolsover, S44 6JS – Tuesday 28th August 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

    The Stavely Centre, Calver Crescent, Staveley, S42 3LY – Tuesday 9th October 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

  • Falls Prevention

    Falls Prevention

    Did you know one in three older people will have a fall each year in Derbyshire?

    And of these falls one in 20 will result in a serious injury or even a trip to hospital.

    Having a fall can have an effect on your confidence and it could affect your mobility.

    Getting older and having falls is not set in stone, there are certain risk factors that can lead to falls such as
    • Hazards around the home such as poor lighting, clutter, trailing cables, loose rugs
    • A common cause of falls is badly fitting footwear, worn out footwear (such as slippers) or foot problems.
    • Poor eyesight can also be a factor in falls so make sure you have your eyes tested.

    There is a lot more information on how to prevent falls and to address some of the issues raised above on the Derbyshire County Council Website…

  • Information & Support Forum at Blythe House

    Information & Support Forum at Blythe House

    Calling all Carers!

    If you’re a carer living in the High Peak, and you’re not sure of the support that’s available to you, come along to our Information & Support Forum

    Saturday 28th April


    at Blythe House Hospice

     Comprehensive first aid training session for carers: 10.30am -1pm
     Free complementary therapy sessions for carers
     Access to information and support from Derbyshire Carers Association; Blythe House Hospice; Citizens Advice Bureau; Helen’s Trust and other support services.

    Light refreshments will be available and you are welcome to bring the person you are caring for with you.
    For more details, contact Louise Furmston or Emma Richards at Blythe House: 01298 875080

    Blythe House Hospice
    Eccles Fold
    Chapel-en-le-Frith SK23 9TJ
    Tel: 01298 815388

  • Young Carers First Aid Training

    Young Carers First Aid Training

    Today the Young Carers we support came to our head office to take part in some First Aid training we put on for them.

    This valuable training will help them in their caring role and be a good life skill for them to have.

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